17 May 2012

Pixelated is Now Available Through Zine Hoarder!

Since The Athens Bazaar is on indefinite hiatus while I try to organize my life a bit, Pixelated can now be ordered through Zine Hoarder. If you are interested in Issue #3, the favorite things issue, or any other edition, please send me message for details on ordering. All issues are $3 (shipping is included).

23 January 2012

Joseph Carlough's What's the Weather Like Mini Zines

I received these mini zines the other day and all I can say is that they are too cute! Joseph Carlough is an Etsy acquaintance of mine. He has bucket and boat and dump truck-loads of creativity. I've purchased several of his zines and short stories. His zines and stories cover a wide range of feelings-- from pure jubilation to utter dysphoria . Stop by his website or Etsy shop and say hello (and pick up a zine or two).

05 November 2011

Catching Up

I purchased this comic at the Poptober Fair here in Athens, Georgia. Catching Up was created by P. Alexander. I don't know much about him and he seemed a bit shy. What I do know is that he's a student at SCAD Atlanta and has a real knack for creating beautiful comics.

Ginette Lapalme's Miniature Zines

Ginette Lapalme's miniature zine combo consists of four of the tiniest zines you've ever seen. Each zine contains several drawings based around a common theme. Her artwork is has a whimsy to it that I find appealing and refreshing.

14 October 2011


Manhole is a lovely comic created by Sacha Mardou. The comic features an illustrated story called "Pet Rock." The story and artwork are top notch. Manhole is definitely worth a read.

10 October 2011

Posture #2

Posture #2 is a perzine created by Rory of Create or Perish. The zine was created in conjunction with the 24-Hour Zine Thing. Rory is a very talented zinester, so please check out her Create or Perish Shop.

Manifesto Potpourri

Manifesto Potpourri, published by Art 4 a Democratic Society, contains three classic art manifestos. A4ADS is always looking for new art manifesto and article submissions.